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'Tree Of Life'
(Archived on Thursday - January - 19/01/2012 )

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  This tree has it all, beauty, maturity, life, energy and a real treasure to have growing in your locality.  
Our photo today has been picked to coincide with our Thought For Today


Thought on Thursday - January - 19/01/2012

There is a story about a beautiful tree that was tall, graceful and mature. Everyone who saw it could only admire it. During the spring it would burst into life, in the summer its leaves were a sight to behold, in the autumn it shone brighter than gold and in winter it stood solid and firm withstanding the cold and wind. One day its roots burst into conversation: "Although no one sees us we give you strength to be as tall as you are. Although we seem barren and hidden, we pull up water and nutrients. You as a tree are only as good as your roots."

At this the soil interrupted: "My dear tree and dear roots, do you not realise that it is the soil which is so often taken for granted and the least praised, which gives you all you have and makes you what you are. Without me, you would not exist. I give you nourishment, security and strength. I am the one who holds you firm. Without me the soil you are nothing."

And so the story goes on to say that all three of them argued it out. Eventually all of them realised that to find the balance, all three of them had to work together with each one as important as the next.
The same can be said of life. Are we sometimes like the tree forgetting about the soil and roots? Do we sometimes feel off balance, without depth or meaning? Or do we strive for balance drawing strength and nourishment from what we believe in, from our family and friends, from love filled moments, from accepting each day as God's precious gift to us, from enjoying the simple moments and treasuring the good news to be found in our daily lives?

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