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(Archived on Monday - June - 11/06/2012 )

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  Photo was taken at Flatanger, north west Norway  
This white tail Sea Eagle sweeps in for a feed out at sea. The photo was taken in a boat using a long lens. Such photo opportunities are precious and also challenging. The timing has to be perfect, particularly with these eagles who move at great speed.


Thought on Monday - June - 11/06/2012

'If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want.' ~Oscar Wilde

Much has been written about prayer. The value and merits of it have been well documented. But it doesn't always work for everyone and for some, prayer has left them disappointed. They asked for something and their prayer wasn't heard or so it seems. I'm sure a few prayers have been said for Ireland to do well in Euro 2012. It would seem that after last night, only a miracle can get them through now!

But if you were to sum up all the great writings on prayer, all would say that every prayer is answered in some way. It may not be in the way we expected, it may not be straight away but every prayer has some benefit and is never wasted. That's why prayer can be such a precious gift, not just to you but to so many others as well. Every time we pray for someone, we extend our love, concern and support to them. We may not fully understand why or how but it's enough to know that God is doing far more than we realise. Whom would you like to pray for today?

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