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(Archived on Wednesday - February - 18/02/2009 )

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  Photo of Caherbarnagh mountain was taken from Clara near Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Recent mild weather has meant that all the snow on our mountains is all but gone. Even when our photo that's up today was taken the snow was already retreating. But there is no getting away from the beauty of snow and how it simply transforms the landscape all around it.


Thought on Wednesday - February - 18/02/2009

‘Sickness is one of the real things of life and the manner in which we address sickness tells us something of what we think of life.’ ~Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

We tend to push sickness to one side so that we can concentrate on the real things of life. Sickness has and will always be a part of life. Celebrity Jade Goody’s battle with cervical cancer has many talking about her bravery and openness. Her battle is a reminder how sickness can affect anyone at any time. Our response is always important. Jesus spent much of his time with sick people. He didn’t preach to them or never told them to ‘offer it up’. His miracles with sick people were not done to show off. His down to earth humanity, love and compassion is a reminder that he cared deeply about those who were sick. He reminded them of their dignity and that even in their darkest hour he would be with them. Nothing has changed. Every sickness is uniquely personal, a challenge and an opportunity. We pray for all our sick and for all who give of their time, love and energy in looking after each person.

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