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'April Sunshine'
(Archived on Thursday - April - 09/04/2009 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at Grace Dieu Retreat House, near Tramore, Co.Waterford (Irl)  
What a change a day can make when it comes to weather. Yesterday the caption on our photo was 'April Storm', today it's 'April Sunshine'. These apple blossoms tell their own story, full of life, colour and energy.


Thought on Thursday - April - 09/04/2009

‘I shall always be a priest of love’ ~David Lawrence

There is a true story told about a parish that had seemingly fallen by the wayside. Despite the best efforts of the local priest, there was little interest in any parish activities not to mind attending church services. So the bishop decided it was time to close the parish. An emergency meeting was called and the bishop was asked to attend. The elder of the community spoke up, “You cannot take away our priest. If you take away the priest, you take away our only light.” The priest was left and the parish re-grouped and re-energised.

Today being Holy Thursday the only Mass that will be celebrated in the morning will have been a Chrism Mass, usually celebrated in the Cathedral of your Diocese. During this Mass the different oils to be used for Baptism, Confirmation and Annointing of the Sick will have been blessed. During this Mass the priests of your Diocese will have renewed their priestly vows. It’s not significant enough to make major headlines but significant enough to know that these men are good, honest, hardworking, faithful to the Gospel and who simply want to spread the good news about God in your community. They are a light of hope in our lives. Why not say a prayer for your local priest today? You can be sure he has already said one for you today.

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