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'I Might Need This!!'
(Archived on Wednesday - February - 24/02/2010 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at St.Adjutor School, Vernon about 80km north of Paris  
Meabh MacManamon from Colaiste Choilm, Ballincollig is all excited on her first day of a French Exchange Programme with her French penpal Solene Gottrand. The little French dictionary should come in handy too!!
As Chaplain to Colaiste Choilm I'm here too for the week and all going well our pics will be coming from here. Last Monday's pic is now up properly and can be seen in the archive. Even here in France I got word that the pic wasn't showing!!


Thought on Wednesday - February - 24/02/2010

My journey towards God, my experience of faith, has taken many twists and turns, with some apparently dead ends but God can use even dead ends to whisper to us. -Pat McKinley

Everyone's faith journey is uniquely different. It would be foolish to try and compare ours with others. The one common link are the difficulties we all experience and also the positive and joyful blessings we experience too. The idea that God can work quietly with the dead ends of our faith experience is also good news. Nothing goes to waste. Even our struggles and moments of doubt are in fact stepping stones. We have nothing to be afraid of. These weeks of Lent are opportunities to feel those quiet whispers of God. These whispers are often so quiet they can slip us by. God never abandons us. Those quiet whispers are a great incentive to keep going on our faith journey, even in the midst of struggles.

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