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'Enjoying Life Outdoors'
(Archived on Friday - May - 18/05/2012 )

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  Photo was taken at Cappanalea Outdoor Education Centre, Cappanalea Co.Kerry (Irl)  
It is great to get the opportunity to go away somewhere different and do stuff that is fun and enjoyable. This group of Transition Year students in Coláiste Choilm, Ballincollig got such an opportunity this week to enjoy life outdoors. The first job was to take away their mobile phone except for one half hour each evening. There was then plenty of quality time to take part in outdoor activites and to know that life goes on without mobile phones, facebook and texting!


Thought on Friday - May - 18/05/2012

'I have always believed that it is important to accentuate the positive and live for the joy of living in this magnificent world. Of course, one cannot always entirely or instantly eliminate the negative, nor would it be wise to attempt to do so. You have to confront the negative and the difficulties in life squarely, fully and honestly' ~David Norris

It is good and important to nurture positivity and every good news story in our lives. It would be a mistake to think that we can entirely ignore the negative stuff or to try and avoid it. Much more important is what to do when surrounded by a negative. In our Gospel stories Jesus always tackled darkness and negativity straight on. He never ran from it but always dealt with it in a way that seemed the right way and best way. In facing it he always invited the person to take a step forward out of the negativity and darkness. This first step is often the hardest and most important one. It gives us permission not to let the negative take over but instead to be open to the blessings that life can bring. In facing difficulties squarely, fully and honestly, it leaves us in a much better position to make room for all the good stuff in our lives.

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